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Agencies in the broad sense provide services by acting under the authority of one of the parties to a contract and the services provided by building materials agencies make construction/building projects faster and less stressful. At Easy Nirman, we help you with all the necessary calculations, we do all the running around for you while you provide the funds for the project.

However, for every product or service, there are pros and cons, one of it is the selection of the best building agent for your construction and different building purposes which is very important. Agents are trusted with funds to get jobs done after they have carried out all necessary research in determining what will be needed when it will be needed, what quantity will be needed and what quality will be needed.


The bad side of this is that many agents take advantage of the situation to meet their own personal needs by carrying out wrong calculations and even buying materials of lower quality to ensure they get maximum profit from a particular project and since we know this plague, we have distanced ourselves from such practices.

Functions of an agent include:

  • Quality and Equipment Management
  • Work Inspection
  • Project Management Services
  • Management
  • Planning

What We Do:

We offer you the best agency service for your building and constructions online, we carry out costing services and ensure you get an accurate quantity of materials required for your construction. We provide you with quality material to ensure you don’t just have beauty but also durability at an affordable price. The process is very easy and can be carried out at your own convenience. All it requires from you is a little online agency registration. Avoid getting substandard materials for your buildings due to wrong dealings with the fake agency. Contact us today and live to smile from tomorrow.

Building Materials and Products:

Materials needed for complete construction purposes can be categorized into


Clay, sands, rocks, and wood


carpentry, insulating material, plumbing material, and roofing work.

For a perfect construction work, the choice of material has always been a thing of great consideration. Knowing for to use for a particular construction and the quality of what to use helps in adding beauty and durability to your work. Recognizing the importance of quality materials in construction as made so many people not just to start selling materials with low standards but sell them at a higher price to customers to make the product look convincing to them as the best. We have available so many construction materials and products online at unbelievable prices, we only sell quality materials and product to our customers. 

Why Should I buy Online?


Travelling from store to store in search of quality material has never been an easy task for anyone and in most cases, ends up in frustration as the quality of material ends up not meeting the standard of what is required. Buying online gives you the opportunity to select materials and products of various kinds from your home without going through any stress of moving from one place to another.

Why Should You Patronize Easy Nirman?

It is true that it is best to see what you want to buy and feel the quality before buying it, it is also true that online goods can’t be seen and can’t be trusted. What makes the difference between us and other sellers is the fact that we have all the products in our stores checked by certified engineers before putting them online for sale, to ensure only the best of products are sold out to our customers.

We have building products of various categories such as: Appliances, Bathroom products, Finishes, Doors, Electrical products, Elevators, Fireplaces, Flooring, Furniture, Interior designs, HVAC, Lighting, Kitchen products, Masonry, Paints, Plumbing, Railings, Roofing, Siding, Stairs, Stone Products and Windows available at our online store for sale at awesome prices.

Online Building Supply Store:

Online stores make available to the public several materials and products for sale at their comfort without them having to travel distance to look at the products they want to buy and to even pay for it. We have an online store filled quality materials and products for construction work. We run an extra fast, safe delivery service also to ensure that purchased materials get to customers at the desired time and without any degradation due to transportation from one place to another.

Building Material Cost:

The cost price of building materials varies with quality, materials of better quality tend to be more expensive than materials of lower quality. We offer materials of best quality without adding an outrageous amount of money to it.

Why Should You Buy from Easy Nirman?

So many vendors are greedy of gain and for this reason, they tend to add an excessive amount of money to the original cost price of materials just to ensure they achieve their aims. Easy Nirman puts into consideration and customer satisfaction at all time and for this reason, we don’t sell materials at excessive prices.

Buying materials online from Easy Nirman always makes things easier and a proper delivery service makes it more excellent. Avoid the stress, check for quality materials at our online store and have them delivered to you without you going through any stress and at the appropriate time.

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