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Construction requires not just knowing the material to be used but also selecting the material with the best quality. There are various materials needed for construction of different purposes. Knowing the right material is not just what it takes but also having the best quality material for your construction at a good time is a thing of great importance.

OUR SERVICES For Construction:

We offer you the best of construction materials through our online platform. This gives you an advantage of getting the best quality materials for your construction without having to go through the stress of travelling distance, miles to get materials which in most cases you’re not confident of the standard.

We also make things easy by providing you with a supply service that ensures that you get your construction materials at the stated time. You don’t have to worry about the quality of materials to be delivered to you, we only supply the best of construction materials and to clear your doubt we have put in place testing opportunities for you to confirm the quality of the material you are about to purchase before paying for it.

For your construction purposes, several materials such as
DECORATING MATERIALS: Painting, Paint Brushes, Decorating accessories.
IRONMONGERY: Brackets, Ironmongery, accessories
PPE: Head, Hand, Body, Feet


Super Drive, Spax Reisser, Decking Screws, Drywall Screws, Screw Accessories

Bright Lost, Head Nails, Bright Oval Nails, Twisted Nails, Bright Round Wire Nails, Felt Nails, Galy Clout Nails, Galy Round Wire Nails, Staples Twisted Nails, Panel Pins

Nuts And Bolts:
M12, M10, M8, M6, Roofing Bolts, Anchors

Cavity Fixings, Plasterboard Fixing, Frame Fixing, Hammer Screw Fixing, Plastic Plugs, Washers.

Building Tapes, Decorating Tapes, Floor Protectors.


Concrete blocks and lintels, Plaster and Plasterboard, Pipework, Bricks, Building accessories, Insulation, Metalwork, Pipework, Roofing



Solid wood flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring, Flooring Accessories.


Internal Doors: Flush Veneer, Oak Hardwood, Pine, White Primed, Room Dividers, Blanks, and Frames.

External Doors: External Pine Door, external Oak Doors, External Hardwood Doors, External Door Frames, External Gates, Patio Folding Doors.

Door Furniture: Hinges, Locks, Handles, Door Accessories, Fire Door Accessories, Latches

Door Linings: Non-Fire Door Lining, Fire Door Lining.

Staircases: Loft Ladders, Staircase Parts, Stairs.

Windows and Blinds: Window Furniture, Velux Windows and Binds, Keylite Roof Windows.

PVC-U Windows and Doors: PVC-U Configurator.


Plywood: Bendy Plywood, Birch Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, Marine Plywood, Softwood Plywood.

Chipboard: Chipboard Flooring, Chipboard Accessories, Melamine Chipboard,

MDF: Bendy MDF, Moisture Resistance MDF, Standard MDF, Veneered MDF

OSB: Conditioned OSB, T&G OSB.

Hardboard and Pinboard

Laminated Pine.


Planed Softwood: Premier Grade, Standard Grade, and Contract Grade.

Planed Hardwood: Planed Maranti, Planned Oak.

Sawn Timber: CLS Sawn Timber, Sawn Carcassing, BS Roofing Batten.

Softwood Mouldings: Premier Grade Skirting, Premier Grade Architrave, Premier Grade Dado Rail, Premier Grade Picture Rail, Premier Grade Handrail, Premier Grade Cornice, Premier Grade Door Section, Softwood Window Sections, Premier Grade Small Mouldings, Softwood Door Sections.

Hardwood Mouldings: Hardwood Architrave, Hardwood Skirting, Hardwood Hand Rails, Hardwood Door Sections, Hardwood Window Sections, Hardwood Small Mouldings.

MDF Mouldings: MDF Architrave, MDF Dado Rail, MDF Skirting, MDF Window Sections.

Cladding: External Cladding, Softwood Cladding.

Decorative Mouldings.

Are available for sales online and can also be transported to your site when needed.


Marine plywood is very useful for various construction such as

Boat construction, construction of Lake Platform, Boat Dock, Decks, Bathroom and Kitchen Walls and Subflooring due to its durability. Marine plywood is durable, and neither rot nor degrades easily. The quality of marine wood has made it the right choice for the construction of kitchens, and decks. Buy quality marine plywood without stress online at a very affordable price, we provide you with the best marine plywood and also ensure a satisfactory delivery of material to homes or sites where needed for use.


Electrical materials for construction purposes falls under the below categories

BOXES: 4bx Series (square boxes), 8bx Series (Octagonal boxes), HBX Series(Handy Boxes), SWBX Series(switch boxes), WBX Series(waterproof box).


CONDUIT/CONNECTORS: EMT Series (EMT Conduit fitting), FLEX Series (Flexible fitting),  Lay-In Wireway Series, Rig Series(Rigid conduit fittings).

SAFETY SWITCHES: SW Series (Fusible and Non-fusible disconnect).

TAPE/MARKERS: 3M Scotch code Tape Dispenser STD, Super 33 and 88 Black Vinyl Electrical Tape, 35 Vinyl Color-Coding Tapes, Tartan 3939 Duct Tape, Temflex 1700 Black Vinyl Electrical Tape, 3M Scotch code Write on Dispensers.

WIRING: 221 Series Lever Nuts (Compact Splicing Connectors), CBL Series (Communication and Control Cable), Compression Terminals and Splices, Connect Air Wires and Cables (Connect Air Communication and Control Wires), HW-76B (Hookup Wires).

WIRING DEVICES: BSN Series (Panduit Butt Splice), CH, CAT, 4BRT, BC, EWK Series (Cable Hangers and Seals), PLT Series (Panduit Cable Ties), Switches and Receptacles, Twist-Lock Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles, Wire Connectors, Ties, Accessories

Each electrical material has a quality which is dependent on the manufacturer of the material. Electrical material prices vary from one store to another depending on the purchase price and the attitude of the seller towards gain making. We offer best quality electrical materials at affordable prices which are very fair compared to the prices of another vendor. We also offer super-fast delivery services for the secure transportation of your materials to the site at the stated time.

Construction is fast growing and what tells if it’s the best is not just beauty but durability which is a function of the quality of material used. Get the best of construction materials today with just a simple click on your laptop, and you won’t regret it.

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