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As the saying goes thus “All that glitters are not gold” is true for most things, in the interior decoration world so many spaces have a great external façade but the interior is not up to standard. Just as beauty on the outside is important, so also is beauty on the inside.

Giving your home or office space or whatever, the functionality of the building is the best interior decoration look requires the services of experts but if your budget is not accommodating of those high-end specialists, Easy Nirman offers a top-notch service on the selection of the best combination of options to give your space a wow look.


Color, Texture, Quality, and Mixtures are very important to not be considered, as the ambiance created by the colour combination can either compliment the event or be at total variance with the event or setting which can negatively impact the outcome.  Selecting the best color is essential for the beauty of your space to be appreciated, choosing a quality paint is also as important as the texture of the paint chosen.

There are different types of interior wall paints, and this poses a problem of selection because of the wide range of varieties. However, different paints have different advantages, and the more you know about appropriate paintable surfaces and the effects, the easier it is to make the right choice. Below are the interior decoration paint classes

Interior Decoration Paint Classes:

  • Matte Paint

Matte paint is appropriate to paint for walls and ceilings where no visual distraction is required.

It has no shine or sheen effects on the final layer of the finish and can be easily applied using a brush or a roller. It can be easily marked, but marks can be removed using damp clothes. It’s a nice choice for old buildings because it converts imperfections on your walls into masterpieces entirely.

  • Matte Enamel

Matte enamel is far more durable than matte paint. It’s much easier to clean and rarely needs retouching, and it’s an ideal paint for houses inhabited by families with children. It’s a nice choice for kitchen use if ceramic tiles cannot be provided for in the budget and where regular cleaning of the wall is required.

  • Satin

The satin finish is somewhere between matte and gloss. It produces low, soft sheen. This makes it an appropriate choice for walls requiring regular cleaning. However, it’s not an option for walls with several imperfections because it can make the imperfections more visible.


  • Eggshell

An eggshell finish is easy to apply, doesn’t reveal faults as much as a satin finish. Eggshell has a lesser smoothness than satin finish but much more suitable for interior wall paint because of its ability to hide imperfections more than a satin finish.

  • Semi-gloss

Semi-gloss offers a hard finish, and it is suitable for heavy use and easy to clean with just soap and water. It produces shine less than full gloss paint.

  • Gloss Paint

Gloss paint has a high shine which makes it very useful on woodwork. Gloss paint shows all the imperfections on a wall. Achieving an even coverage on a wall often requires more than a single coat.

You have the sole responsibility to allow the best of interior paint chosen for you to meet your need. Buy online without stress, get advice on color mixtures to make your home look like that paradise you’ve been dreaming of without paying any consultancy fee.


Asian Paint is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of paints as well as paint suppliers for decorative and industrial uses. It’s a company owned by the Indians. The company is of high integrity regarding paint production. They provide you with a variety of paint with high quality and durability for interior wall finishes, exterior wall finishes, enamels and wood finishes. Asian paints provide not just quality paint but also provides quality tools for applying the paints on surfaces.


Buy Asian paints online for your home paintings and beautification. Easy Nirman offers delivery services for construction materials. Also, you can have the paints delivered to your doorstep without you going through any stress.


Buy quality paints for your interior wall coating, exterior wall coating, metal and wood paints, protective coating, and undercoating. Get the best quality of paints from Berger online without any stress and fear of adulteration.

Berger paint offers best paints for both industrial and decorative purposes. They produce paint for Interior decoration wall coating, exterior wall coating, metal and wood paints, protective coating, and undercoating.

Interior Decoration Paint Price & Rates:

The experience everyone gains from the use of a particular paint product has an effect of configuring the mind to think of one paint product to be better than the other. However, some reputable paint products such as Asian and Berger paint are rated high above so many other paints due to the quality, durability, and affordability,

Paint price varies a lot due to the constant changing in the price of raw materials. This makes it difficult for a fixed price to be placed on any paint product. Manufacturers try as much as possible to keep these under control, but retailers happen to have a way of bringing a significant change to the price of the paint to meet up with the desired profit.

Easy Nirman offers you paint products of high quality at price rates supported by the manufacturer, to make things much easier Easy Nirman also offers delivery services for these products at your doorstep when required. Everything is made available through an online platform that makes it easy for you to purchase products even while sitting at home at your convenience.

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