Renovation Program: Home to Dream Home


Renovation Program: In Easy Nirman residential architect emission upgrade possibilities, you may not see and help you get maximum functionality out of the home you already have a realistic budget. Planning is critical when deciding whether to make your current home look for another one.

Some Important Precisions on Renovation:

Budget accuracy:


Many people overlook the fact that renovations involve a serious long-term commitment of time and energy. YES, this phase is applicable for some renovation tasks as it is all dependable on the budget you have finalized make sure the work is done according to the planning.

Good planning:

Renovation can be rewarding financially – adding value to both your property and lifestyle. And it all starts with knowing what you are aiming to achieve with your renovation and one should plan in the first place and should know what they actually want for their home.

Consider reason for renovation:

Taking some time to think about what you want from your renovation and ask your builder to proceed with it. It will ensure the end result meets your goals. Be sure your renovations will have lasting profit for your lifestyles and family needs.

Enhance return on investment property:


Renovation may mean enjoying greater benefits on sale or being able to charge a higher rent on a rental property. Always invest smarter than investing harder.

Increase your property value:

A well designed, well-executed renovation may add up significant value to your property. It’s an opportunity to build and grow your property’s value regardless of how the overall market is offering and in this sense, a renovation can also be a great investment of your time and money.

Restoring a character home:

Many old and not renovated homes are hidden gems just waiting to be polished. Renovating these dream homes can be highly rewarding but be sure and make a thorough research and the history of the property and the feature that apply to different historic styles and also older homes can present major challenges to builder and renovators.

Make your home eco-friendly:

In Easy Nirman there is a whole range of improvements that can reduce your home’s eco-footprint. Many green modifications can be affordable and convenient like installing low flow showerheads and taps yet the long-term saving may be substantial.

Types of expenses involved in a home renovation:

  1. The scale of your renovations.
  2. The accessibility of your site.
  3. The quality of the work – budget or top of the range.

As a guide, you could expect the cost and maintaining breakdown for new houses and major renovation to be approximately

Material – 45% – 50%

Labor – 30% – 35%

Fees, levies, permit, taxes GST 20% – 25%


Home After Renovation

Depending on the work involved. In Easy Nirman, the work involved the cost of material is often a significant a component of any building project. This makes it important to shop around and compare prices though there are ways to reduce the cost without scrimping on quality.


Along with material, labor costs are likely to eat up a solid chunk of your renovation budget usually around one-third of the total expenses.


Check the references:

Check that the building, site or any tradesperson you choose holds a current license suitable for the type of work you want to be done.

Ask for a contact:

When you have chosen a builder to get a proper contact drawn one that covers any changes that may arise during construction. In Easy Nirman you can make your own choice regarding your wants and needs.

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