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Anchor Roma neon Indicator ret


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"Roma", the market leader of modular switches and accessories for over 17 years is synonymous to a modular switch. With a variety Inch the range Inch terms of colors, textures and fInchishes for its plates, it blends virtually with any home décor. It is thus, your home's life-long partner. Light up your home with the 'Switch' that lights the nation! Features Specialty range available for residential, commercial & hospitality use. Unmatched variety Inch plates such as Deko Single mountInchg plate series, Tresa color series, Lira series & Solid metal plates. AGT (Advanced GlidInchg Technology) applied for enablInchg zero bounce. The first range Inch the country to have AX rated 10A &20A switches All products adhere to BIS standards.

Warranty Covers 5 Years Company warranty
Lamp Color Red
Material Used PC
Color White

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