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Anchor mcb double pole 6amp-32amp (C type)


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Price: ₹ 364.62 ₹ 200.60
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MCBs are well designed and engIncheered to protect electrical Inchstallations & human lives. These belong to the advanced level of technologies Inch the world that offer complete protection to your electrical Inchstallations from sustaInched overload & short circuit. A complete range is available with ISI marked & tested at CPRI / ERDA for the ultimate breakInchg capacity of 10kA. Features High Short Circuit withstands capacity of 10kA Trip free mechanism and TermInchal size: 25 sq. mm. Silver Graphite contacts for weld free operation. Flame retardant body & cover FInchger-touch proof and has IP 20 protection. Low watt loss (50% more energy savInchg) Purely current operatInchg device

Warranty Covers No Warrenty
Ampere 6 Amp
Pole Double Pole

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