future of construction in our country


As India is a developing country the construction work also has its own role in the development.

The construction work in India is showing its role from past one or two decades and nowadays it has been an important part in the development of India.

So, construction work in India is flourishing in India and its future will be in more flourished form.

 The flourishment in construction industry does mean that only industries that are related to constructin of building in houses, offices, complex etc. will get flourished;

It means that the industries related to construction industry like cement, iron, steel, ceramics, etc. will also get flourished.

In developing India there is every day a new construction work is going on and all it is done by any of the construction industry.

In this modern India every person wants to have a big own house, office, factory, etc. and all these leads to a construction industry.

There are some big or some small construction industries in India which are showing thier development at thier individual level along with the development of India.

But all these development work can’t be done without some aspects as these aspects decides the development of construction industries.

Some of these aspects are:-

1) Pre planned work – As construction work is a time taking work and also it shows a great deal with time.

2) So, it should be in a pre planned manner i.e- before starting any work one should plan, how to done it and how much time one should spend on it.

3) If a single work takes time more than its requirement the other works will get late and it can show a wrong impact on customers.

4) Second is the showing importance to its customers as the construction industry have to show its customers that is they are important for the industry and the industry cares for their work sometimes have to show a nature apart from the business mind as like the company thinks for their good health, and company will do all required for their trust on company.

5) Doing all the work in a very good or in honest manner as like the company have to keep in mind that they are working for the trust of customers so they have to work in an honest manner.

6) Here the honest manner refers to doing job like a priority not as a burden, using the well developed form of infrastructure and machineries.

7) Using not a good quality but best quality of construction materials like cement, blocks, sand etc.

All these things mentioned above is leading to a developed and flourishing form of construction industry.

This shows that construction industry is developing and the future of construction industry in India will be in more developed form.

Only it should be done in a proper manner and in a planned way.


As India is a developing country the construction work also has its own role in the development.

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