Why only see when you can feel your construction project

“Before starting the construction we make you stand inside your dream house.” Virtual reality technology is one of our major USP in terms of designing your dream project. The walk-through gives you a very new and innovative way to see your design accordingly

It is an immersive technology, it will transport users into a fully interactive 3D environment, giving them the opportunity to explore a virtual representation of a particular room, floor, or building design as a whole where you can not only see but feel the designs and it helps to take decision to finalized or change the designs and planning.

25 Years

How it works

Contact us

Contact us for designing your building/Interior plan


We will make a plan/ interior according to your requirements and budget


We will convert it into virtual reality (VR) format


Visit our office to wear the VR glassed provided by us


You will not only see but feel and walk in our dream project


You can change the colors live


Finalize your designs by feeling the walkthrough


Start your construction with us to fulfill your dream of the house.