10 Outdated ideas for Interior Designing, still some interior designer use

10 Outdated ideas for Interior Designing, still some interior designer use


We have discussed how important interior designing is for your home?

Depending on the decor and design, the house you live could make your lifestyle easy. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful house.

When it comes to interior design, we can say that the trends keep changing a lot, there is no way that one can exactly predict how long a particular fad is going to last.

You would be surprised to know that not only do non-industry related people make mistake of following outdated trends but sometimes some interior designers could also be using some of these trends.

In this article we are going to discuss 10 trends which are outdated now but are still being used by interior designers.


The all-white space: Well,

 it has been some time now that the all-white trend has become outdated.

The biggest problem with the all-white trend was that it gave spaces which were impeccable but the downside to this was that the spaces didn’t give a lived-in sort of feel.

There are still people who like this design idea and that’s why designers keep using it.

But if you are redecorating your house, you might want to add in colors to your space to make it seem more welcoming.


The minimalism: The minimalist trend which really took off in the past few years has finally seen its decline.

 People are all for colors and patterns, which add vividity to a space rather than keeping everything to a minimum.

Although, the idea isn’t to exactly create a very loud space, instead it is to create a vibrant one.


The industrial look: Gone are metal cabinets and industrial touch from the homes now.

 Instead the focus has shifted to creating a warm and welcoming space in contrast to the indifferent feel that the industrial look gave.


The oversized furniture: As more and more people are increasingly becoming more conscious of the use of space, the use of oversized furniture, especially the oversized sofa has been on a decline.

So if you're planning to go furniture shopping, try to steer clear of those oversized furniture.


Traditional: The traditional floor plan design is fast becoming a thing of the past.

People are instead option for open floor plans, customized spaces.

No one wants to be confined to a particular style or decor and instead a mix of sorts is gaining popularity.


Repetition: This has become a major turn off.

People are opting for unique and personal designs.

Instead of standard paintings or abstract decor themes people are going back to the tried and tested display of their interests and hobbies.

Be sure to bring out your books, art with photographs of your family to add interesting elements to the space.


Copper: The use of copper to add an interesting touch to the decor is going down.

 It was very much overused.

This is still being used in moderation, which depending on the overall design of the place might result in a warmer space when compared to the use of steel.


Grey: The color grey was a favorite of everyone till last year but the use of grey has seen a major downfall.

Like the trend of using copper everywhere, the use of color grey has also become a victim of overuse and therefore this trend has lost its meaning entirely.

3D wallpaper: The past few years had witnessed an exponential rise is the use of 3D wall paper.

Though wallpapers are still more in trend than they were a few years ago, the trend of using 3D wallpaper is going down.

 As more and more people used it, the more common it became.

 On the other hand fabric wallpaper and other textured wallpapers are gaining more popularity.


Monochromatic design: The downfall of this trend is becoming apparent in newer designs. People are preferring warmer and vibrant colors for their homes than the use of monochromatic designs.

 This is not something that is limited to a particular color like the all-white trend which we have discussed but the whole approach of monochromatic design is taking a back seat.

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful house.

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