Common myths of Construction

Common myths of Construction

There are myths associated with almost all the professions: you can't trust a lawyer, doctors are only in it for the money, etc.

Similarly, there are many myths associated with the construction industry also.

In this article, we will examine the common myths of construction.

Hopefully, after reading this article you would be in a position to counter someone in a conversation about construction, who is propagating these myths either knowingly or unknowingly.

 Anyone can get into the construction industry: This is false!

Most of the people involved in the construction industry are skilled tradesmen or have a college education.

Construction is one of the only industries where employers engage their employees in continual training from safety regulations to seminars and conferences regarding the latest construction technology and innovation, construction professionals are constantly increasing their skills.

So the notion that just about anyone can work in construction is unfounded.

 The last option of people: This is a common myth that seems to plague not only the outsiders but some unfortunate people working in the industry itself, who go about spreading it.

Well, the truth is that most construction professionals are exactly where they want to be.

There are many multitudes of jobs available in the construction industry.

It is very satisfying to see what you have been working on taking shape in reality.

There’s also the fact that the houses, bridges, roads, high rises, etc. one builds will be there for years to come.

 Construction is not safe to work in: Working in construction does have its risks, yes, but there are many safety standards and regulations in place to ensure that no harm comes to anyone working.

If all the precautions are followed correctly then there won’t be any health and safety accidents.

The tools and equipment also have built-in safety features.

So, though there is inherent risk involved in the profession, it is nowhere as great as it was a few decades ago, and thus, the notion that construction is a risky industry has become a myth.

 Construction is a simple field: Many people outside the industry seem to have the understanding that construction is a very simple field where unskilled people work to build a building or other structures.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

To begin with, the planning for any structure begins long before the site preparation even begins.

The architects, engineers, planners, project managers, site supervisors are performing "simple" jobs nor are the trained and skilled workers doing a ‘simple’ job.

The construction industry requires ‘out of the box solutions, on-the-feet thinking skills, and prompt decision-making abilities.

 No growth in construction: This is also a common myth that there is no growth in the construction industry and you will be stuck in a dead-end job.

The truth, on the other hand, is, construction is a multi-billion dollar industry.

From houses to hotels to airports and railways, highways, everywhere you look around you will find infrastructure.

So, there are plenty of opportunities for people in the construction field to grow.

 No women in construction: This is a general perception for people who are not in the industry that the construction industry is a man’s world.

Whilst it is true that the industry may predominately be male-dominated but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many women in the industry.

Women have been in roles such as administrative, quantity surveying, design, and managerial and there are also many women workers on site.

The industry is making efforts for the inclusion of women and it is hoped that in the coming years the roles of women would increase.

 Construction is bad for the environment: This is a very common belief that the construction industry is causing harm to the environment.

A notion widely held by the public and represented by the term ‘concrete jungle’ that almost everyone has come across.

When one gets down to knowing the facts though, it would become clear that construction isn’t causing harm to the environment, in fact in many places it is helping the environment.

 This is because nowadays majority of construction is done with the environment in mind and almost all the structures are environmentally sound.

The industry has embraced the idea of sustainability and there has been a phenomenal change in the methodology and approach of construction projects.

construction isn’t causing harm to environment, in fact in many places it is helping environment.

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