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Everybody dreams to have their own house. And after making our houses the second thing that comes to our mind is furniture. Wooden furniture has always been the first choice for finishing off our houses. Everyone spends a lot of money on the furniture of their houses. We always try to get a high-quality product at a nominal price. So, our choice goes with decorative furniture that is not so expensive so that it stimulates the look and feel of the wood. Such two types of choices are veneers and laminates.

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These are the most commonly used finishing materials for furniture made from MDF, particle wood, or solid wood. Both the materials have almost the same appearance but they both are different. So, we need to understand both of the materials so that we can have a wiser choice between them according to our needs.

Firstly talking about veneers, veneers are the thin slices of wood obtained from a tree log. The name veneers are given to them because they are the slices of a tree log. Veneers are of two types as classified according to the processes of their manufacturing-rotary cut veneers and sliced veneers. Rotary cut veneers are produced by mounting the tree logs on a rotor and a peeler peels off the layers from the log. Sliced veneers are directly sliced pieces of wood. Sliced veneers are more costly because high-quality veneers can be produced by them.

Laminates(commonly called SunMica in India) are artificially produced materials. It is made by pressing thin layers of two different kinds of paper (one is decorative and the second is brown paper) and plastic resins (synthetic phenolic resin and transparent melamine resin) together. Its upper layer is printed with decorative patterns.  

Talking about the differences between these two, laminates have a large variety and can be damn decorative but they are artificial whereas veneers give a natural feel to the design of the furniture and can be of high quality if they are obtained from teak, cherry, oak, or maple tree logs.

Laminates are easy to maintain as high-quality laminates use to be scratchproof, waterproof, and retain their shine and quality even after long use whereas veneers require more maintenance and they need to be polished and should be kept clean.

Laminates are available in a huge variety, they are mass-produced, so they lose uniqueness whereas veneers are elegant and maintain the feel of the wood they are made. They are unique in design so that they give a rich feel to the furniture. One of the most important things that should be taken into consideration while choosing them is the cost.

Laminates are cheaper than veneers. The price of laminates depends on the brand and quality while the price of veneers depends on the quality of the wood used to make them. In conclusion, if you want durability and less-budget finishing you can go with laminates whereas if you want to have an elegant feel in your furniture you can go with veneers.

Laminates are definitely easy to maintain as high quality laminates use to be scratch proof, water proof and retain their shine and quality even after long use whereas veneers requires more maintenanc

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