Different type of commodes and their usage

Different type of commodes and their usage




Squatting Pan:

This is the old model of toilet. In this a person is supposed to squat over the pan, hence the name squatting pan toilet. This is what we generally refer to as the Indian toilet. It is healthier than the European water closet. Also these types of toilets are cheaper than the water closet type of toilets.


Anglo- Indian Type Toilet

Anglo – Indian Type of toilet is a combination of squatting pan Indian and western water closet style toilets. One has the option of squatting or sitting. These types of toilets could be used when one is confused about the type of toilet they want to go for whether the squatting one or the western one. It also called as combination toilet and universal toilet. It is only available in floor mount type.


WC Health:

WC health was designed by guralvit, which a turkey sanitaryware manufacturing company. It combines the comfort of water closet with the health benefit of Squatting pan. It is also coated with antibacterial glaze. It is a type of water closet but one would have to squat in this toilet.


European or Western Water Closet:

This kind of commode has seat & cover. When flushing the cover needs to closed. It is attached with a flush tank for flushing purposes. There are two types: S-Trap and P- Trap. The former is used in the lower floors as plumbing can be done under ground, whereas the latter is used in upper floors.


Two piece Toilet:

In this type of commode the normal EWC toilet is extended so that it fits a ceramic tank in toilet itself. Two-piece toilets are also called as coupled closet. In this also the ‘S’ & ‘P’ trap are available and also it could be floor mount or it could be a wall mount.


One piece toilet:

The advantage of this type of toilets is that they do not need a separate flush tank, as it happens to be attached to the body itself. The tank and the body are fused together.

This causes the leakages to be minimum. This type of toilet is also reffered to as a single piece toilet because the bowl and the tank together make one product. It comes in only the floor mount model. It is available in ‘S’ and ‘P’ Trap model.


Elderly toilet & toilet for kids:

The elderly toilets are designed in such a way that an elder people can easily sit and rise while using the toilet. The height is generally more than the normal toilet. The toilet

for kids are also designed differently, they are smaller in size and of lesser height so that they are comfortable for kids and easy to reach for them.


Smart Toilet:

In this type of toilet a specially designed ceramic toilet is attached with an electronic seat cover. The functionally of the smart toilet depends on the seat cover. Some of its features are: Automatic seat cover opening, UV cleaning facility, Option to set temperature and pressure of water jet etc.

A commode is a movable piece of furniture shaped like a chair, which has a large pot below or inside it. It is used as a toilet, especially by people who are too ill to be able to walk easily.

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