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“Nature always wears the colours of the spirit”, well said by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We live on the most beautiful planet, Earth.

Nature is our best friend which provides us all the resources to survive.

 But our nature is losing it’s own colours.

Nature is being abused by us.

 We are the reason of continuous losing of every colour on the earth.

 If the process continues we are surely going to suffer the consequences.

 Our coming generations are going to face the crisis that is going to happen if the exploited use of the natural resources continues.

The strikes we had given to nature can no longer be disregarded.

 So, the question arises what is needed to be done?

We can’t totally revert what we had done to the nature but we can reduce the effects.

 Starting with our houses, the houses we live in would become old and leave carbon footprints on the nature after these houses will ruin with time.

 So, the thing is how can we decrease the exploitation by changing our home design.

Thus, we should go with a better choice, that are Eco- houses.

An Eco-house is a type of home design in which the house becomes the source of it’s own energy requirements moreover it is made of such materials and equipped with such technologies that decreases the power needs of this type of house. Basically, it is a type of modern house construction that is the need of our environment.

Talking about the design and materials used in the Eco-houses, the house has the glasses with two or three layers with a vacuum in between to prevent the heat loss.

 For producing the energy for the house solar panels or wind turbines are used that are fixed according to the location of the house.

The houses are constructed such that they are insulated and ventilated to recover the temperature quickly which is good for extreme hot or cold places.

The house is constructed with sustainable materials like timber and lime.

 Eco-houses are equipped with some type of patch outside it on order to grow some vegetables and fruits.

 The houses are equipped with geothermal heating technology.

 We can even grow plants on the roofs of such houses which helps in regulating the temperature of the house moreover it will provide the oxygen requirements of the house.

In conclusion we can say that an Eco-house is like a  abode that requires less energy to sustain and have a low impact on the environment.

A large amount of energy is consumed by the houses for their heating and lighting processes.

By making of Eco-houses we would be able to decrease the exploitation of environment to some extent.

 Nature is giving us everything we require for our survival, this is the time we can do something for nature.

 It doesn’t need any sacrifice of your previous lifestyle unless you are going to have a more beautiful place to live and a more beautiful Earth to reside.


Nature is our best friend which provides us all the resources to survive.

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