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An Eco-House or Eco-Friendly house is an environmentally friendly home design that is constructed using new Eco-Friendly materials. The changes in construction technology made it possible for builders for constructing eco-friendly houses. Some of the technologies and materials used are: Solar Panels or Wind Turbines, Rooftop Harvesting, Two or Three Layered Glass with vacuum in between to prevent heat loss, Growing plants on rooftops to regulate temperature and to produce oxygen, Geothermal Heating, and many more. Mainly the concept of Eco-Housing means having the least or no impact on the environment.

The reason for changing the Construction Technology of houses is the preservation of the environment and its resources. As we know that houses and buildings use up a huge amount of energy. Also, the construction industry is mainly responsible for most of the man-made carbon emissions and thus affecting the climatic changes in the environment. The primary use of the energy is for heating and lighting, so the main aim is to design houses in such a way that they are well insulated and make the best use of natural light.

Some of the factors considered while constructing Eco-Houses are:

1. Site Selection: Site Selection is a very important factor as the planning of an environmentally-friendly house begins with the selection of the most favorable site, and direction of the house for good lighting and to lower energy bills. Various elements like geographical conditions, climatic factors, house designs are also considered in the Site Selection criteria.

2. Shape and Size: The size and shape of the house decide how eco-friendly a house can be. The size of the house, rooms, and even windows matters. The smaller the size of the house more efficiently the resources can be used. Instead of having a single large room, having smaller rooms can save an ample amount of energy. Also, the size of the windows according to the rooms with triple coated glass panes helps in regulating heat. Shapes of the houses can vary according to the climate of a particular place.

3. Proper Ventilation and Heat Recovery: While constructing an Eco-Friendly house, Proper Ventilation should be kept in mind. Natural Ventilation helps in cooling high temperatures and proper flow of air throughout the building... Along with ventilation, Heat Recovery should also be taken care of. Airtight designs should be used to reduce heat losses along with maintaining air quality. These systems are used in warm areas like bathrooms for exchanging warm with fresh air.

4. Proper management of Water, Drainage, and Waste materials: Water Management is one of the major concerns for a green home design. Different measures like water recycling and low plumbing help in saving water. The use of rainwater by storing it or recycling the wastewater in the filtration systems is highly recommended. Waste Management should be thoroughly considered by recycling the general waste materials as far as possible and proper disposal of materials that can cause harm to the environment.



An Eco-House or Eco-Friendly house is an environmental friendly home design that is constructed using new Eco-Friendly materials.

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