Eleven Benefits of Creating a construction Schedule before work starts

11 Benefits of Creating a construction Schedule before work starts

Here are 11 Benefits of creating a construction Schedule Before the work begins:

  • 1.       Generating Knowledge of the Details And fewer Surprises Will into the Project By The Need To Pre-Plan The Project.
  • 2.       Maximizing quality Control Measures by properly sequencing the work.
  • 3.       Improving planning of resources such as labor and equipment.
  • 4.       Enhancing coordination efforts Between client and construction operations.
  • 5. Buying out Materials and Critical Elements with Enough Lead Time.
  • 6.       Submitting Shop Drawings, Samples, And Data Sheet in Timely Fashion.
  • 7.       Giving The affected Parties Such As The Subs, Vendors, Designers And Client Time To Better Plan Their Activities
  • 8.       Improving Safety Performance by Sequencing the Activities to Ensure Maximum Projection For Workers.
  • 9.       Decreasing Risk of damage to adjacent Property And Installed Work Leading to a Reduced Punch List.
  • 10.   Pricing Winter Protection Measures Accurately By Knowing Which Weather Sensitive Activities Will be Put in Place During Cold Weather   And The Duration OF these Activities
  • 11.   Achieving The Highest Level of Productivity To Complete The Project In The Shortest Timeframe Reasonably Possible...

Planning, scheduling is an important part of the construction management. Planning and scheduling of construction activities helps engineers to complete the project in time and within the budget.

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