Importance of choosing the right Architecture

Importance of choosing the right Architecture


Choosing the right architecture for your home or the office is as important as selecting the location.

If you are not careful while choosing the kind of architecture for your building, you might end up with a space on your hands that you aren’t entirely comfortable with.

In this article, we will tell you what choosing the right architecture encompasses.


Without a doubt, the orientation of your building is the first and foremost key aspect in terms of architecture.

The orientation of your building would dictate the kind of sunlight you would be receiving, the heat you would have to endure and the wind you would get to experience.

If chosen wisely, the orientation can help set off high electricity bills and if chosen poorly, you would end up with a lot of discomforts, which not even all the environment-altering gadgets could help you with.

 Setting out rooms:

This is a very important aspect of any project, the way you set out your rooms would dictate the maneuver that one has to undergo every time one wishes to reach a certain room in the building.

It is suggested that the guest room be kept separate from the main bedrooms, kids' rooms and the like to afford privacy to the residents and to even the guests.

Also, the kitchen should have easy access and a storeroom nearby.

There is a lot of thought which needs to be given to the locations of the rooms.

 Passive architecture:

It is essential in these changing times of green energy and such, to go for passive heating and cooling measures and to ward off the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting as much as possible.

This could be achieved by strategically placed chajjas, jail walls, window heights, etc.

One can go for wind towers and chillers to lighten the burden of air conditioning.

 Psychological impact:

The right kind of architecture would make the optimum use of the space, in the best possible manner, to make a building that would be convenient to live in and one which would be taking the psychological impact of buildings into account.

Things such as colors, sunlight impact the mind of the inhabitants and can uplift or dampen their spirits.

Thus, it becomes important to be aware of the impact that the architectural aspects have on the human psyche.

 Social Impact:

Buildings also impact our social lives.

The kind of place you live in and work in is responsible for your physical health and even your social relationships.

Healthy buildings are the ones in which one experiences better health, which would lead to better productivity and in turn a better life.

Buildings and architecture also impact our social lives, active buildings are designed with the philosophy of making their occupants move as much as possible during the day, thus impacting social relations.

After looking at all the reasons and impacts that architecture has on our buildings and in turn on our lives, it becomes downright important to choose the right architecture so we get to live the kind of lives we deserve!

Choosing the right architecture for your home or office is as important as selecting the location.

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