Importance of proper floor planning

                                               Importance of proper floor planning

 Whatever the construction the importance of proper floor planning cannot be exaggerated.

Floor plans can be used to depict the configuration of the various rooms within the house you are planning to buy or construct.

Proper floor planning is necessary to maintain the proper flow of the property to understand the flow of the property.

In fact, according to studies, it is revealed that the floor plan is of the key features that people consider the most important in a property listing, after the photographs and depiction of the location of the site.

 People consider the room dimensions to be very important too.

And these can be seen from the floor plans.

This is preferred over even 3D views and pictures because the pictures might have been exaggerated.

That's why floor plans are extremely important when it comes to buying a property. Even if you are constructing your own home, having a clear and proper floor plan is very important.

 In this article we will discuss the importance of proper floor planning:

 ·         Proper floor planning would ensure that the layout of the house would suit your lifestyle.

People of old age might prefer bedrooms on the lower level, while people of other age prefer bedrooms on the higher levels.

Similarly, people with young children might prefer the bedrooms to be close, while people with older children might prefer houses with bedrooms on different sides of the house.

 ·         You should make sure that your floor plan is made according to your wishes and with contemporary practices in mind.

The outdated plans had smaller rooms and not enough sunlight and air.

These days people prefer open and bright spaces.

 ·         The placement of the rooms should suit your needs and requirements.

If you feel that there is something other than the standard rooms you want or if you want to make changes, talk with your architect.

The right way would be, to begin with, clearly stating all your wants and requirements so a plan could be made accordingly.

For example: If you want storage to go with your kitchen or if you want a separate cleaning supplies closet etc. be sure to make this known to the designer beforehand.

 ·         The floor plan should make sense for the lifestyle.

The flow of the rooms should be such that the individual rooms shouldn’t be in the way or obstruct one while moving within the house.

You wouldn’t want any roundabout routes to take daily for getting small things done within the house.

One example of this is the dining room being adjacent to the kitchen.

 ·         Also, space utilization is really important.

You want to make sure that you are using all the space that you have bought efficiently.

Be smart when it comes to storage options, as storage can kill a lot of space on time.

So get creative and use out-of-the-box and non-conventional means of storage to save space.

 ·         The rooms should be so placed that the privacy of the inhabitants isn’t compromised.

Everyone within the house should have their own space so that it doesn’t hinder anyone

else. This would reduce conflicts.

That being said, the house should also have a common meeting spot or dedicated spaces for family time.

·         Other uses of the floor plan might be sending one to vendors etc. to get the correct estimate for paint, drapes, etc.

Designers can use the plans to modify and see the various designs and consider how a piece of decor might go with space.

 Thus, floor planning is extremely important.

 So before deciding on the plan of your house, do consider it very carefully and proceed only when you are sure that it meets your requirements and needs.

Floor plans can be used to depict the configuration of the various rooms within the house you are planning to buy or construct.

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