Importance of Vastu while constructing the home

Importance of Vastu while constructing the home


These days many people want a Vastu-compliant home.

Vastu is the science and art of direction.

It combines all the five elements of nature: air, water, earth, space, and fire and balances them with the man and materials of the house.

At the most basic level, it is about obtaining balance; a balance which is in the house you inhabit is reflected in your life.

The house we live in impacts our mental and physical health, thus through Vastu, we create a balance.

As we have discussed previously, Vastu originated in different parts of India because of the local considerations and it is something that should be respected.

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That being said there are a few general aspects of houses and buildings which are covered in this article.


 As per Vastu, the North or East direction is the best for the entrance door.

This methodology is followed mostly in northern India.

In a few places in the south, the most auspicious direction is considered to be the north-eastern and southern directions.

Go with the direction which gives you the best orientation as per your needs.

Also, it is advised that the door should be made of wood.

This is probably because of the weather conditions in India.

Don’t keep the shoe rack near the door.

The entrance should be well lit and it should be free of clutter.

This is extremely important in case there is a need for sudden evacuation.


It is said the bedroom should get sufficient natural light during the day.

Air circulation in the room should be good.

The bedroom should lie in the southwest direction, as this is the predominant direction of the wind for the most part and the bed shouldn’t be in the corner or attached to the wall.

The bedroom should have a pleasant smell. Avoid having windchimes over your head.

 The kitchen

 The kitchen needs to be in perfect balance because the two opposite forces of nature, fire, and water, exist here.

The stove and the sink shouldn’t be in one line and they should be as far away from each other as possible.

Keep in mind the kitchen working triangle.

It is recommended that kitchen be built in the south-eastern corner, this is because it is the leeward direction.


 You can place money plants indoors, this is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity.

Placing small Bamboo plants are also good, as per Vastu.

Plants in the east part of the house prove good for healthier relationships. Also, natural green plants in the bathroom help in reducing negativity.


 Painting of green fields, fish, moving water is good for the home.

Apart from that, placing a painting of the road in the northeast portion of the home leads to good vision and planning.

Having a family portrait in a golden frame in the southeast part of the home leads to healthier family binds and placing a painting of the rising sun helps in the east direction helps in maintaining good social relationships. Finally, red horses in the south are good for financial prosperity.

 These were some of the general considerations of Vastu for homes.

It would be recommended that the architectural plan be paid good attention, the Vastu points shouldn’t override the design because the conditions that the ancient science of Vastu was created for are no longer prevalent today, this one would be better off concentrating on attaining the balance, the basic principle on which Vastu is made rather than getting caught up in specifics.

The design and planning of a structure are done after taking into account the conditions of the location and there it automatically becomes Vastu compliant.

Vastu is the science and art of direction.

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