Led lamps types and usage

LED Lamps are widely used lighting source due to its energy-efficient and high quality lighting features. LED lighting is a lot different from other lightings such as CFLs, incandescent bulbs in terms of sizeheatlightingdurability and price. LEDs are not only used in decorating house using glittering small lights or vehicle for gorgeous look, but are one of the most reliable and environment friendly lighting source.

LED Lamp is an electric light or bulb for use in light fittings that produces light using Light-Emitting Diodes. A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a two-Lead semiconductor light source.

LED Lamps are of various types depending upon the application.

1. Miniature LED Bulbs:

Miniature led bulbs are smallhighly effective and cheap source of lighting used as Indicators of mobile phones, television sets, remote controls, digital cameras etc. These LEDs produce small and effective long range light beam and are compatible to use in different circuit boards. Due to their small size they are very handy and can fit in almost every appliance.

2. LED Strips:

LED Strip lights are made using high-powered LEDs mounted on extremely thin flexible circuit board with a gluey coating around it. It looks like a long wire with smallshiny stars beaded inside it. These strips are used in head-lights and tail-lights of various luxurious cars like AUDI, BMW etc. One can see a colourful house decoration with LED strips on the Diwali festival. They can be used in the Kitchen and Garden areas for highlighting a particular portion.

3. LED Panels:

LED Panel lights are rapidly outpacing traditional lightings in the interiors of the house.  These are high-quality indoor lighting lamps made up of aluminium alloy byanodic oxidation. The design and appearance of these LEDs is simple and has appealing illumination effects. They are widely used in the housesoffice spacesschools,hospitals and showrooms because of its longer lifespan and lower power consumption benefits.

4. Application Specific LED:

Application Specific LED or AS-LED are the customizable LED boards according to one’s needs. These type of LED are mostly used in digital billboardspublic displaysbannersbrand promotion boards and other kind of big display screens. These LEDs also come with 2 or 3 colour combinations.

5. LED Tubes:

LED Tubes are slimmer and shorter tubes than regular tube lights as it is easy to install and produce much lesser heat. These tubes are very useful in officesbig conference roomsclass rooms, and even in homes. It has much longer life span than the regular fluorescent tubes and are eco-friendly as they do not produce any of the harmful Ultraviolet Radiations in the environment.

6. LED Street Light:

LED Street Light is one of the most important and useful innovations provided to the society. These lights fulfil all the requirements and produce less problems while installation. It is highly efficient and produce brighter light than the ordinary one. These are used on the personal roadsnational highways and streets to produce bright and clear light at night. It comes in different shapes and sizes according to the need of light in a particular area. LED Street Lights can reduce the cost factor for the government as it lasts more than 10 years.


LEDs are not only used in decorating house using glittering small lights or vehicle for gorgeous look, but are one of the most reliable and environment friendly lighting source.

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