movable houses

           Are movable homes the future of Construction Industry?
When we talk about movable or transportable homes, we aren’t talking the RV or Road Vehicle, this is basically a vehicle fitted with bathroom, beds and sitting area.
This vehicle looks like a van from the outside.
We are talking about actual homes which are made on the base of a truck.
They look just like homes even from the outside and the interior is also like a home.
To move the home, it is towed with the help of a vehicle.
Sounds interesting?
Well, it surely is.
What’s more?
They are being dubbed as the future of construction industry.
 Just imagine,
 Waking up one day outside of a lake, near a mountainside the other and the next day wherever fancy strikes you.
 You can travel all you want, by road of course, in the comfort of your own home.
 What could be better than that?
 Read this article to find out more about movable homes.
 The prefab construction, which is shorter for prefabricated construction, is really picking up.
 It is no longer of flimsy, low quality.
 The homes that are available these days are designed by professionals, spacious, having high standards in terms of quality of the material used and the   construction technique.
 The transportable houses are prefabricated, which means they are constructed in a controlled environment thus making the construction process   more streamlined and reducing wastage.
 It results in better quality and lesser time taken.
 So transportable housing is at the very least competitive or could also be better than traditional housing!
The high-end transportable housing is actually cheaper than if the same unit was built on site.
 if a larger unit is required then two-three of the units can be clubbed together but even then a limitation of movable houses is the overall dimension of the building, as it need to be transportable by road.
People are slowly moving towards, smaller houses which are more efficient and easy to maintain.
With increasing awareness, more and more people are opting for a lesser footage but want a better energy and water efficient building.
The use of materials, which ultimately affect their health and also the environment is an issue which people are taking more seriously.
The market is more receptive of the concept of movable homes but there is still the issue of legislation.
With various taxes that go into the building of a house and the many codes that are applied with the values varying as per region and state, it would be interesting to see what permissions and approvals would be required by a movable house to be ‘parked’ at a given area and to ‘move’ through a region.
 The manufacturer's had build the idea assuming that people would opt movable houses as secondary or holiday residences but many people have taken the   concept to heart and made it their permanent house.
 As the demand for the movable homes increases, there would came a structure in the industry regarding the movable housing with banks and financial   institutions funding the projects for clients, which they aren’t eager to do now, as they there is no definite security involved in the construction of a movable house.
 Also, the legal framework would be established and a clear set of approvals would exist that a transportable home needs to have in the country and in particular   states.
 So now that you know how comfortable, affordable, high quality and fast build the movable homes are which can be made suitable to almost any site   conditions; with the added advantage of being able to move in anywhere,
 Won’t you like to own one too?
 After all, it is the future of construction.

The homes that are available these days are designed by professionals, spacious, having high standards in terms of quality of the material used and the construction technique.

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