Painting textures and usage

Painting textures and usage



The painting's texture can greatly enhance the look and feel of a room and can dramatically alter its appearance. It gives a very unique look to your home. Texture painting has become popular these days. There is an inclusion of grains of sand or gypsum which are bound by a water-thinned binder in the paint which is highly consistent. Different painting textures lend a different rough pattern to the wall.

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Choosing the right texture can be a daunting task. Let us find out about the various textures and where they can be used.


Smooth Texture


In this kind of paint, there are no grains of sand. Thus, the surface that is created is quite smooth, hence the name. The paint is heavy for this and it is thick too. One would need a putty knife to apply it. The appearance after drying is somewhat similar to the plaster as the paint tends to be quite heavy.



Sand Texture


As the name suggests the texture is similar to sand. To get this kind of texture sand-like additives are added to the paint. The grain sizes can vary from fine, medium to coarse-grained. It could be further divided into:


a.            Premixed sand texture paint: In this kind of paint, the sand additives are already added in the premix texture paint. They can be directly applied. The finish isn’t very fine and thus imperfections are visible. It could be useful for painting ceilings.


b. Self-mixing texture paint: To get this kind of paint mixture of base paint and sand additives are created. You can choose the sand quantity as well as the grain size. The finish would depend on the sand chosen.



Knockdown Texture


To get this effect we need to spray a paint coat of about 1/8 inch thick and after it dries off, the high points are knockdown with the help of a putty knife or trowel. Therefore, it is called the knockdown texture. It is tough and very durable and is thus quite popularly used in the living room, hallways, and even bedrooms.



Popcorn Texture


As the name suggests the appearance of the paint is of popcorn texture. To get this texture, styrofoam is added to the paint which gives it a fluffy appearance. Applying this paint with normal tools is tough therefore you need to use a special texture sprayer with large nozzles. This kind of paint is very tough too but gives a perfect finish. You can use it for accent walls.


Orange Peel Texture

For obtaining this sort of texture an orange peel is spread over the primer with the help of a spray gun and then is coated with another layer of primer. This is not quite as rough as the sand paint but it is quite durable. Also scraping off the paint is fairly easy thus it is a great choice for the kitchen and bathroom.

The painting texture can greatly enhance the look and feel of a room and has the ability to dramatically alter its appearance. It gives a very unique look to your home.

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