Pros and Cons of Precast Walls

Pros and Cons of Precast Walls


The precast industry has been growing by leaps and bounds.

Everyone seems to be gushing about precast construction and how it will revolutionize and transform the industry.

It surely is one of the developments to keep track of.

With the growing advancement of this sector, precast construction might become more prominent shortly.

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 In this article, we are going to discuss the various pros and cons of precast walls.

Let us start with the pros.

Controlled Climate

Precast concrete walls are made in plants under strictly controlled conditions, which leads to less wastage, optimum resource utilization.

The advantage of casting in a controlled climate is that the external environment doesn’t affect the rate of production or hinder you anyway.


Variety of Styles

Precast concrete walls can be made in a variety of styles.

This is a major advantage of precast construction.

The type of style you select is going to depend on your requirement and taste.


A major upside of using the precast walls is that you have a better surety of the quality.

The walls you make will be strong.


Precast walls are long-lasting.

The general design period of most structures is taken to be Concrete 100 years.

Thus, durability is a major advantage of precast construction.

 Ease of installation of services

Precast concrete panels and blocks can be cast with any necessary holes and cuts you will need in your house for the services.

This improves the efficiency of the work and results in the faster installation of the building services.


Faster construction

Without any doubt, pre-cast walls are faster to construct.

Pre-cast walls save a lot of time on the project and enable the house to be completed very quickly.

The installation at the site is done fairly quickly also.


Now let us come to the Cons of Precast walls


Transporting the precast structure becomes tricky.

Carelessness in transporting could result in damaging the structure.

There careful and proper transporting of the materials is very important.


The precast concrete making isn’t available everywhere and even if available, there is the issue of the unit being able to take on the required quantity of work


The size of the casted units is limited as they should be easily healable.

The members are quite heavy and thus might pose problems in handling.

This limits the work that can be done using the pre-cast technique.


Handling and dealing with pre-cast structure needs better workmanship.

There is only a very small margin left for error.

Therefore highly skilled professionals are required to handle and assemble the precast units.

Any carelessness in this might result in huge losses.

 Less scope of creativity

The need for repetition of forms would result in the creativity of the building design. Therefore there is a limited scope of creative design.

Although, with time this is set to improve.


The joints are expensive and difficult.

Thus making the connection is a tricky and very crucial part.

 These were some of the pros and cons of the pre-cast walls.

Whether or not this technique is feasible for your project depends on the type of project you have.

This list might help you in deciding the usability of this technique for the project you are considering.

Precast industry has been growing by leaps and bounds.

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