Special attention to be paid while house electrical wiring

Special attention to be paid while house electrical wiring



Electrical wiring is an aspect of building a house that is completely concerned with safety. Standard precautions must be taken while house electrical wiring is taking place.

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Here are some tips that you should follow to ensure that electrical wiring in your house is done in the right manner.


·         You should always make sure that a professional is hired to do all the electric works and the wiring of the home. This would ensure that the wiring is done in your home is proper and you could be sure that the necessary standards are being followed.

·  Before the commencement of any electrical work it should be made sure that the power is off. This would prevent any potential electricity accidents from taking place. Check whether the power is truly off with the help of a voltage tester before the work begins.


·         The necessary protective equipment for house wiring should be utilized when the wiring works are being done. This would include protective gear such as gloves, goggles, etc.


·         Prevailing Standards should be followed for all the electric works and the installations should comply with Indian Electricity Acts and Rules in all respects.


·         Make the plan of the electric fixtures and outlets beforehand so that there are no last-minute changes when the work begins. To analyze all your requirements and plan accordingly. It would also enable you to procure the right amount of materials and minimize any wastages thus making the process more economical.


·         You should ensure that during the calculations of total load all the various items are being considered. A miscalculation in this would cause the problem of overloading, which would be bad for the electric system of your house.


·         All materials being used for electrical works should comply with ISI specifications. Do not use any low-quality material. Make sure that the wires being used are of the right capacity for taking the calculated load.


·         Make sure that wires aren’t spliced together and then hidden in a wall without a junction box. A junction box should be used to join wires.


·         Make sure that MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) because it protects against overloads and short circuits. It thus helps in saving wires, cables, and types of equipment.

·         There should be proper earthing done as it would save lives from the danger of electric shocks which could lead to even death. There have many cases of lives being lost because of improper earthing so make sure that the earthing in your home is up to the standards.

Electrical wiring is an aspect of building a house which is completely concerned with safety

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