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Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning “dwelling” or “house” with a corresponding plot of land. It is a traditional Hindu System about architecture. In other words, it refers to as the “Science of architecture”. Vastu describes various principles of designmeasurementslayoutground preparationspace arrangement, etc, and is followed all around the world. The designs provided by Vastus are such that they integrate architecture with nature, have symmetry and directional alignments, and utilization of geometric patterns.

Everyone wants a house where one can enjoy a comfortable life. We want a luxurious house which is fully furnished, with a swimming pool, should be near the marketplace or metro station along with a big garden area. However, some people do not follow the Vastu of the house, which is extremely important to live a peaceful life without any trouble or negativity around. It is believed that a house with bad Vastu Shastra brings negativity in the house and can cause different kinds of mentalphysical, and career-related problems.

Some of the things about Vastu that everyone should know or might already know are:

1. The most important and foremost thing to remember is the most vital area of your house is the place of worship, known as poojaghar. The poojaghar should be in the North-East direction of the house. Even if one has a small house with no poojaghar, one should at least have a place to worship in the North-Eastern side and the Deityfacing the West while the one performing pooja should face East.

2. the Main door is one of the important elements in Vastu. The main door should not face South-West direction as it brings in devil energy along with struggles and misfortunes and the doors of the house especially the main door should open inside so that energy is conserved inside the house. Also, one should take care of the hinges of the door and grease them at regular intervals to prevent them from making noise.

3. Toilet is also an important area of the house according to Vastu. The Toilet seat should be in the North-South direction and the entrance door of the toilet in the East, both closed when not in use. Also according to Vastu combined toilet and bathroom are not recommended in a house but some people still use them due to lack of space.

4. Your room should not have 5 corners in the ceiling and if so one should place bamboo flutes or small pyramids to neutralize its negative effect. One should take care that the bed is not placed under the beam if running inside the room wall as this arrangement is not good for health. Almirahs and beds should be close to the South-West wall of the house. There should be a big mirror in a dining room on the North wall as it attracts wealth and prosperity.

Some important health tips by Vastu:

Ø  You should sleep with your head towards the East as it will make you feel energetic.

Ø  Make sure that your Bathroom’s energy does not mix with your Kitchen’s. If it is opposite your kitchen, keep the bathroom door closed.

Ø  Keep your face towards the East or North-East direction while drinking water as it promotes good health.

Ø  The central area of the house should be a spacious area for the free flow of energy as it increases positivity in the house.

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Vastu describes various principles of design, measurements, layout, ground preparation, space arrangement etc, and is followed all around the world. The designs provided by Vastus are such that they i

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