Which Grade of TMT bar is good for me?

Which Grade of the TMT bar is good for me?


Owning a house is important for everyone.

Some people build their homes.

Anyone who is directly getting involved in the construction of their home would need to know every aspect of construction.

One needs to consult an architect and structural engineer for design and then hire an engineer for overseeing the execution.

One would need to be aware of the materials that are being used.

One of the most important materials is the TMT bars.

People often keep talking about concrete.

When it comes to RCC i.e. Reinforced Cement Concrete, the reinforcement bars that one uses are very important.

 When deciding which TMT bar would be good for you, there are a few things that you have to consider.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various factors which might affect the selection of the TMT bar.


The different grades of the concrete are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600.

The higher the grade of the TMT bar, the higher its strength.

Higher grade TMT bars are preferred in the slab while lower grade bars can be used in railings etc.

For the normal construction of a residence, lower grade TMT bars could be enough.

It depends on the design of the house, the way the loads would be acting on the structure.

A higher grade TMT bar would also require a higher grade of concrete.

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So these are all the things that one should keep in mind when it comes to grades.


The ductility of the bars is also important.

The more ductile the bars are the more you will be saving on construction and the bars will be transported to the site easily.

The bars would also last longer.

Ideally, a high-quality TMT Steel Bar shouldn’t develop cracks in 90-degree bends.

Therefore, be sure to check the ductility of the bar also.


During construction, the bars would most definitely come in contact with moisture. Therefore, corrosion resistance is really important.

If the corrosion resistance of the bar is not adequate then it would weaken easily.

The bars should also have a waterproof coating.

So make sure that the bars you are choosing for the construction of your home are resistant to corrosion and have waterproofing.


It happens that even after ensuring all this and deciding which bars you are going to buy, sometimes it's good to cross-check that everything is fine with the bars at the site while construction is going on.

Here’s a test you can do on the bars without the need for any instrument.

Pick up a bar and check whether every meter of it has the manufacturer’s seal present on it.

This would ensure that the product that is being used at the site is authentic and of good quality.

Also, check that there shouldn’t be any rust on the bars.

If bars with rust on them are going to be utilized it might result in the structure having lesser strength than what it could have had.

One should also check whether the bundles are of equal length at the end.


When it comes to the price you must know that the TMT Steel Bars are generally sold in Tonnes or Kgs and the price of the TMT Steel Rods fluctuates daily so, to get the right estimate of how much using the bars would cost you, you would have to check the prices daily from different outlets.

This way you will have the right idea about how much needs to be paid and you can confirm if the price that you are paying for the bars is correct or not.

Owning a house is important for everyone.

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