Which one is better - Granite door frame or Wooden door Frame?

Which one is better - a Granite door frame or a Wooden door Frame?


During the process of construction, you might come across many junctions where you had to make a choice and choose between two or more alternatives.

.Such decisions while seemingly small could have important impacts later on.

There might be many such occasions where you might have been confused about what to do, sometimes it might be because of proper knowledge about what is to be done.

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The use of door frames is to hold the door in place and keep it sturdy.

Wood, metal, and stone are some common materials for door frames.

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between granite door frames and wooden door frames.

Hopefully, after reading this article it would be easier to make a choice when it comes to these two alternatives based on your desires and requirements.


Let’s begin the discussion with the granite door frame.

 ·         Granite is a very stable stone.

So this would mean that your door frame would be of very good strength.


·         Granite would give a very grand look to the building.

The use of stone greatly enhances the aesthetics of a building, while giving an impression of grandeur.


·         Stone is very durable.

Therefore the use of granite door frames would ensure that they are long-lasting. Granite won’t have any problem with wear and tear, unlike wood.

 ·         The cost of the material would also make a difference.

Stone is costlier when compared to wood.

 ·         Compared to wood, stone needs more care and skill for cutting, installation, etc.

Also finding skilled persons might be more difficult when compared to finding woodworkers.


·         Transporting stone and handling it, moving it at the site, and installing is more difficult when compared to wood owing to the weight of the stone.

Also making any additions would be difficult and cumbersome.

 ·         Stone would heat up during the summer and would be very cold during the winter, which could be problematic and uncomfortable.

 Let’s now discuss wooden door frames.

 ·         Wood is very popular for making doors and windows.

A major advantage that wood has over stone is the fact that it is easy to cut, shape, and join.

 ·         A major advantage that wooden frames have is that they are not affected by temperatures.

Also, wood is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.

·         Wooden frames also look very attractive.

They could sometimes be intricately carved to add to the aesthetic appeal.

 ·         Wooden frames can be painted over or given the kind of polished as you desire.

Therefore, there is more scope for being creative here.

 ·         The installation and maintenance of wooden frames are easy and cheap if good quality timber is used.

 ·         In the wooden frame, unlike the granite ones, additions, and alterations could be done quite easily.

 ·         Wood is affected by termites and insects.

 Therefore, the wooden frame would be less durable.

 ·         The cost of good quality timber is also high.

Depending on the stone you choose and your location, the stone would most likely be costlier though.

 ·         Often suppliers provide bad quality timber.

The defective timber would very adversely affect the quality of the wooden frame.

 ·         Wood has problems with moisture.

Therefore, it might not be very suitable for certain places unless treated appropriately.

 These were some of the major differences between a granite door frame and a wooden door frame.

As we can see both kinds of frames have their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore the choice between both would ultimately depend on your budget, on your specific requirements if you have any, and of course on what you want.

The use of door frames is to hold the door in place and keep it sturdy.

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